Product Sectors

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Polymers & Plastics

The world today produces over 3 billion tonnes of polymers and plastics each year.

We have come to rely on this huge sector for every part of our lives, from packaging to building our homes.

Gajurat-UP encourages the recycling of these products, most of which can be reused 4 times!

Packaging & Promotion

When did you last buy something without packaging? On what was the promotion printed? 

This is a huge manufacturing sector that we also service.

Construction & Building Materials

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The strength and beauty of our products are adding to construction projects across the world!

Industrial Solutions

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Our products also fill a wide range of industrial industry needs, in chemical containment, manufacturing facilities etc.


Our manufacturers supply many forms of composites using fibres and materials mixed with polymers to create maintenance free decking etc

Extrusion of mouldings and beams

Moulding and extrusions form a large part of the manufacturing base.

These can be provided from stock, or more importantly, talk to us if you have a need to create a specific mold to acheive your goals!

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