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That is what we thought when we first came across the Gujarat-UP manufacturing consortium. These TUFF+ Products will save builders time and money!
So after having visited all of the 12 manufacturing plants, and seen the quality of production and range offered, we were excited to find that the level of recycling being used was greater than what we’d seen in China and in the west. Green solutions, low cost, fast build and a lot of other advantages. How could we not build using these products!
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red and blue cargo containers


Production capability

The size of the manufacturing base in Gujarat is mind boggling.
The latest technological plant,  often Italian machinery, is supplemented by the outstanding Indian university system to produce world class products in almost every area of construction.  
Our cooperative can supply from this huge base. 


Looking to source product to build a 100,000 square foot factory,  a tiny home in recycled product, a 10 foot diameter water pipe or a Bespoke composite moulding?
 All this is available within 100 kilometres! And the pricing is often lower than can be found in China!


Was founded by Miguel Castillo and Phil Cheney.

Miguel has worked with environmental projects for decades, and Phil and Miguel are both committed to sustainable and affordable construction.


We reliable,  responsive,  trustworthy service.
Once you have become a customer for one product, you can rely on the same system and people while expanding into further products.

Circular economy

If you desire to support reuse rather than waste of this world’s limited resources,  provides a range of recycled and composite products.

Gujarat also is the centre for the largest supply of tiles in the world.  Join the cooperative approach and sample its benefits!


The companies in the cooperative export hundreds of container loads each week,  and also supply the 1.2 billion people in the local market.  So supply is not an issue.


With university graduate experience in plastics and polymers, and the connections to a dynamic manufacturing base, we can provide excellent service to you!

Identification of products

We can help you put your finger on the right product for you!

Technical advice on polymers

The sort of questions that are often asked, we can answer. Such as,

“Can HDPE be painted”

“What are the technical loading specifications for this panel?”


Connection with Manufacturers

We can introduce you to manufacturing of bespoke products, or to factories who can make special container loads of specific product for your individual requirements.

Container consolidation, Loading & shipping

We can go the extra mile, and bring various cooperative products into a container load.

Talk to us about your needs!


Our Team

Phil Cheney


Miguel Castillo


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