Traditional materials like wood, cement and steel can in many cases now be replaced by new technologies for less cost, with improved quality.

Our TUFF+ construction product range allows you to innovate. Your business can buy TUFF+ retail, or you can ship entire kit homes in containers. 

Best of all, TUFF+ products commonly have a high level of recycled content! 

Offers World Class Manufactured Innovation  for  Construction


Every material you need to build is available through

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  products are manufactured by a cooperative of over 12 major manufacturers in Gujarat Province in India.

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Identification of products

We can help you put your finger on the right product for you!

Technical advice on our products

“What are the technical loading specifications for this panel?”

If a product is new to you, we can provide your engineers ISO certification, technical specs and more. 


Connection with Manufacturers

We can introduce you to manufacturing of bespoke products, or to factories who can make special container loads of specific product for your individual requirements.

Container consolidation, Loading & shipping

We can go the extra mile, and bring various cooperative products into a container load.

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“As a distributor, I loved the fact that  products could be tailored specifically for our market”

Case Studies

With an established international community of contented users, here are some case study examples.

Bloom Inc.

In Europe, one manufacturer wanted a solution for polycarbonate to replace expensive and less secure glass.

Our manufacturers provided not only bullet proof polycarbonate, but supplied it in several colours and patterns – as well as clear transparent!

Ready to Innovate?

Al Liqu Dept

A middle eastern county wanted to have a major city water distribution hub created.

Our manufacturers provided that to their specifications.